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RE: Application Design

Quoting Don Park <donpark@docuverse.com>:

> While DOM-based solutions are harder to implement and maintain, there
> are
> plenty of people available with DOM expertise.   This is not true for
> Even if XSLT become universally available in browsers, JavaScript and
> combination will be the preferred method of implementation.

I see XSLT as great for converting DocBook to FO or HTML, but it just doesn't
seem sensibly designed for the Web app / on the fly stuff. There's too much data
processing there. XSLT just doesn't do data processing, and if you're writing
code anyway to process data, you can write code to call up a template that some
web developer writes to plonk the results into with them only needing to learn
about five "special" elements they slip into their HTML...

> Don Park
> Docuverse


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