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XML in Flash5; server demon for synchroneous communication


Flash5 gives support for synchroneous communication with a server-demon on
port >1024.
It uses XML.

We would like  to implement a chat-like application and are looking for
related information - example projects, code-sources, introductory manuals.

 socket = new XMLSocket()
 socket.onConnect = myOnConnect
 socket.connect(null, 2000)
 socket.onXML = myOnXML;
  function myOnXML(doc) {
   var e = doc.firstChild;
   if (e != null && e.nodeName == "MESSAGE") {
    displayMessage(e.attributes.user, e.attributes.text);

Then to decipher the XML-object, we need a parser. Any Flash5-ActionScript
parsers talked about recently?

Moreover, I have never written a server demon that listens to a certain port
and starts to send data when asked. Any hints where to start?
Freeware-libraries? Server-OS independent programming?

Thanks a lot in advance,