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RE: Application Design

> <Don Park>
> > I think that the problem with XSLT is that  XSLT
> > is often misleading, pretending to be more
> > 'powerful' and 'portable'  than it actually is.
> </Don Park>

Above was Paul's comment, not mine.

I agree with everyone that XSLT is the right tool for manipulating XML.  What I disagree with is the notion that 'if you build it, they will come'.   For majority of people out there, learning of XSLT or even XML is a sizable investment of their time and resources withdrawn from their daily lives.  I perceive that most people consider XML to be worth making an investment in, but not XSLT unless something drastic happens.

If I am right, XML consultants would be doing a disservice to our clients if we pushed XSLT-based solutions.  I have not qualified my statement with 'unless they have in-house XSLT expertise' because, if they had XSLT expertise in-house, they are not likely to need XML consultants in the first place.

Sad but I see what I see.


Don Park