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Re: Apache expat-lite just expat?

On Wednesday 15 August 2001 22:45, Tim Bray wrote:
> I observe that recent Apaches come with "expat-lite"
> compiled in.  A cursory look suggests this is just
> vanilla expat... are there any particular apache-specific
> issues in here?  I can't find any documentation that
> suggests this.

I'm not sure what expat-lite is compared to expat, though _iirc_ some things 
have been removed (I don't remember what). It was included in order to 
support mod_dav and ceaselessly causes inordinate amounts of pain and 
segfaults to other people wishing to use expat under Apache.

I don't think any project other than mod_dav makes use of it, so if you want 
info on that that's probably the best place to look (perhaps asking on 
dav-dev would yield more results). Including expat(-lite) into the core 
Apache was probably the most misguided move of the entire Apache 1.x 
life-cycle, and I honestly still fail to understand why it couldn't just be 
included with mod_dav (which is a great module nevertheless).

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