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Re: Apache expat-lite just expat?

At 11:37 PM 15/08/01 +0200, Robin Berjon wrote:
>I'm not sure what expat-lite is compared to expat, though _iirc_ some things 
>have been removed (I don't remember what). It was included in order to 
>support mod_dav and ceaselessly causes inordinate amounts of pain and 
>segfaults to other people wishing to use expat under Apache.


>Including expat(-lite) into the core 
>Apache was probably the most misguided move of the entire Apache 1.x 
>life-cycle, and I honestly still fail to understand why it couldn't just be 
>included with mod_dav (which is a great module nevertheless).

Why?  If you're doing web-services type stuff, it seems obvious
that you might want to, while handling an httpd request, call out
to get some XML and then want to parse it.  Seems to me that 
one XML parser or another should be an essential component of
a modern web server. -Tim