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Re: Apache expat-lite just expat?

On Wednesday 15 August 2001 23:57, Tim Bray wrote:
> At 11:37 PM 15/08/01 +0200, Robin Berjon wrote:
> >I'm not sure what expat-lite is compared to expat, though _iirc_ some
> > things have been removed (I don't remember what). It was included in
> > order to support mod_dav and ceaselessly causes inordinate amounts of
> > pain and segfaults to other people wishing to use expat under Apache.
> Why?

Because if another part loads expat then you'll have conflicts, and a 
segfault. The modperl and axkit lists get segfault reports several times a 
week from people trying to use XML::Parser (which links to expat too). The 
expat that comes with Apache is not a shared library, and thus plays poorly 
with other apps running atop Apache and using expat (mod_perl, PHP, etc...). 
There was talk of moving expat out of Apache (it'd only get linked if 
needed), eg http://archive.covalent.net/new-httpd/2000/10/0170.xml, but it 
didn't happen.

> >Including expat(-lite) into the core
> >Apache was probably the most misguided move of the entire Apache 1.x
> >life-cycle, and I honestly still fail to understand why it couldn't just
> > be included with mod_dav (which is a great module nevertheless).
> Why?  If you're doing web-services type stuff, it seems obvious
> that you might want to, while handling an httpd request, call out
> to get some XML and then want to parse it.  Seems to me that
> one XML parser or another should be an essential component of
> a modern web server. -Tim

Of course ! But it should be made available in a way that does not cause 
conflicts, that would make it a much nicer thing to want.

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