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Re: Namespaces Defined

>On the other hand, are you talking about a system which works like Java
>packages, where there is a hierarchy of modules?

Well, all of the above (although I am in the dereferencing crowd : )). Being
able to define modules within namespaces would be great-- we can sort of do
that now... but it is clumsy. Can you imagine using JAR tools for namespace
packages. An RDDL document could still be used to describe the contents of
the JAR.  Another interesting thought would be centered on importing
namespaces and prefixing. In Java you only _need_ to prefix your types when
there is a conflict. Apart from that-- just the general phrase "package" vs.
"namespace" seems to be an improvement.

I am not complaining (I will save that for a different thread), these are
just thoughts bouncing around in my head...

Jeff Rafter
Defined Systems
XML Development and Developer Web Hosting