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Re: CORBA vs. XML (was: Re: XML.COM: How I Learned to Love daBomb)

> > Stateful objects turned out to scale terribly, so it was all a waste of
> > effort anyway.  The simpler, less powerful approach of mere method
> > invocation is actually much better.
> Strange. I think that anyone,  who've  tried writing some more or less
> complex HTML/CGI based GUI application usually comes to conclusion that
> stateless protocols ( CGI ) are 'really good' only for "hello world" kind of
> applications.
Oh, they still have state, it's just not in the object - typically delegated to
a database.  So the method invocation becomes the API for the front end of
the database/logic.

You are right: CGI is a great example.  I don't think that web-services are
any different in principle, just more general.

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