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Re: CORBA vs. XML (was: Re: XML.COM: How I Learned to Love daBomb)

Hi Ruslan,

Thanks for the pointer to comp.object.corba

I think the statement in there that
	SOAP/XML-RPC is about data, and
	CORBA is about objects (plus infrastructure: naming service etc)
sounds pretty accurate.


> > Has anyone published a point-by-point comparison between CORBA and

>  You can look on thread "SOAP vs CORBA" in comp.object.corba newsgroup.
>   // and, may be we will write one ;)
> Exception is simple quering and data retrieving.  And in many cases, that is
> all. what's needded [i. e. XML can be used in 80%], but in  20% you need in
> some more poverfull <like CORBA >
>  I now see place of XML solutions as WAN bridges between different
>  internal LAN CORBA-based systems of enterprises; if enterprise
>  is small, it's not need in complex system inside.
> // Whay this have sence from technical point of view, you can
> // read in our ISTA-2001 article:
> http://www.gradsoft.com.ua/eng/whitepapers/ISTA2001/ISTA2001-final.htm
But no XML in there...

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