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RE: "Uh, what do I need this for" (was RE: XML.COM: How I Learne d toLove daBomb)

On 19 Aug 2001 20:05:54 -0700, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:
> Given your comments about your so-called new-found love for HTTP,

New found love for HTTP?  I don't believe I've professed any such thing,

> I
> think you are misunderstanding the foundations of SOAP that you call so
> into question. SOAP is a rather simple protocol with extensibility at
> the core and as Mike points out, HTTP is not tied to HTTP although in
> strange ways it has inherited many things from HTTP. There are plenty of
> ways that it can be used in non-HTTP scenarios - might want to look at
> SOAP-RP [1] and DIME [2] as examples.

Thanks for the extra pointers, but I'm already aware of both SOAP's
independence from HTTP and the "strange ways it has inherited many
things from HTTP."


I believe we just posted past each other.