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Re: XML.COM: How I Learned to Love daBomb

> To me, one of the more perplexing things about this "web
> services" buzz is that it seems so retrograde.  Network services
> have indeed been possible (on at least UNIX :) for decades
> now, and it isn't clear to me that SOAP is much of a change
> except maybe with respect to marketing (and technical
> details that are, in the big picture, minor).

No, I see diffrerence:
 traditional network service solved technical tasks, not related to
business. (file systems access, routing, etc) not related to business
process of enterprise [may be one exception: LDAP]

 web services are in the next layer: they solve business tasks, like
order processing, customer information retryeving, etc.

Ruslan Shevchenko
GradSoft: Chief Software Architect