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RE: Namespaces, schemas, Simon's filters.

At 04:41 PM 20/08/01 -0700, Fuchs, Matthew wrote:
>So, to contrive an example beyond foo and bar (with the obvious danger that
>people will spend their time trying to pick apart the example, rather than
>use it to understand the goal), suppose I want to create a Schema to
>coordinate graphics, music, and text.  So I create a <graphic> element, a
><music> element, and a <text> element and I have three different people
>working on designing each of these elements.  Now, my graphics designer
>decides he wants to have a <line> element to describe lines that will be
>drawn.  Similarly, my musician decides he wants a <line> element to describe
>a line of music (perhaps strophe would be better, but then perhaps I've
>chosen one as ignorant of the subject matter as myself).  And, of course, my
>writer also wants a <line> element 

OK, I think I get it.  Local element types allow the <line>
element to have different validation rules depending on 
whether it's a child of <matt:music>, <matt:graphics> or 
<matt:text>.  Clearly something that DTD's can't do but is 

I have a question.  With schemas, can I arrange for the
<matt:line> (note it's in a namespace) element to be validated 
differently depending on whether it's a child of <matt:music>, 
<matt:graphics> or <matt:text>?  -Tim