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RE: CORBA vs. XML (was: Re: XML.COM: How I Learned to Love daBomb)

Quoting Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <henrikn@microsoft.com>:

> Without going into details of the discussion, I would just as a
> reminder
> like to point out that SOAP doesn't aspire to be a distributed object
> system. It is a nothing more than a wire protocol.

It compares with IIOP, yes... I wasn't very clear about it, but that's what I
intended to be comparing with SOAP!

IIOP is the wire protocol of CORBA. You can use it on its own without any of the
other stuff.

Advantage of IIOP over SOAP: If you want it, there are a lot of standardised
interfaces out there in CORBA! IIOP is nothing more than a wire protocol, but
you can have as much or as little of CORBA as you want! :-)

> Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
> mailto:henrikn@microsoft.com


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