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Re: composite elements

You might want to consider using an industry-standard process modelling
language. The BPMI (BPMI.org) have a spec out called BPML, and the WfMC
(wfmc.org) is working on an XML version of their WPDL spec (called XPDL).
If you're interested contact me off-list for more details.

More to the point of your question though :-), it sounds like you're trying
to model a sub-process. So you might want to embed a higher-level element
(such as whatever you're using to represent a process) within the activity.
This would result in a recursive structure allowing arbitrary depth.

Michael A. Rossi
Computer Sciences Corporation
856-983-4400 x4911

                    Pete McKinstry                                                                                    
                    <pete_mckinstry@        To:     xml-dev <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>                                   
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                                            Subject:     composite elements                                           
                    08/22/01 12:48                                                                                    

I'm working on a workflow engine, and i would like to
model each workflow as an xml document, but i'm having
trouble figuring out how to support composite
elements. (GOF like) I'm thinking of acitivites that
are themselves a logical group of activities. The only
thing I can come up w/ is using a sub-activity
element, but that would only allow a static depth to
the model.