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Re: XInclude vs SAX vs validation

>   That's actually the lesson I get, people in general are not interested
> to move from HTML hypertext to XML hypertext, because they don't want to
> face a platform change, they didn't switched to XHTML either even if all
> concession were made to allow this at minimal cost. 

Yep, I was going to make a similar comment but it got trimmed
out.  The HTML model of hypertext is "good enough" for most
purposes, and no other model is evidently ready for use on a
global scale.  (It's ID based, natch ... :)

XHTML conversion goes slowly largely because there's no
urgency, and it's safe not to convert since HTML will live for
a long time.  As in, HTML 3.2 ... not everyone even wants
to depend on HTML 4.0 yet.

XML hypertext will need some better driver than XHTML.
Which isn't to say that XHTML is bad (I want more of it!),
it's just that it's still HTML at heart.

- Dave