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RE: "Uh, what do I need this for" (was RE: XML.COM: How I Learne dtoLove daBomb)

Why not use XML in the DAO layer with XML document as immutable Values, then
? It could be reusable in non-EJB contexts and it would solve your SOAP
serialization problem.


>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : Leigh Dodds [mailto:ldodds@ingenta.com]
>Envoyé : jeudi 23 août 2001 15:07
>À : Michael Brennan; Nicolas LEHUEN
>Cc : 'xml-dev'
>Objet : RE: "Uh, what do I need this for" (was RE: XML.COM: How I
>Learned toLove daBomb)
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Michael Brennan [mailto:Michael_Brennan@allegis.com]
>> Sent: 22 August 2001 21:35
>> To: 'Nicolas LEHUEN'
>> Cc: 'xml-dev'
>> Subject: "Uh, what do I need this for" (was RE: XML.COM: How 
>I Learned
>> toLove daBomb)
>[...comments on EJB DAO layers...]
>> You'll also notice in Sun's J2EE Blueprints white papers, they
>> encourage the notion of "value objects" that can encapsulate 
>the state of
>an entity bean
>> in a lightweight object that permits interaction with EJBs at a more
>> coarse-grained level. These objects are just data.
>We use a separate DAO layer and immutable Value objects, and they work
>very well. One advantage of a separate Data Access Object layer is that
>if you're writing a non-EJB oriented application (e.g. batch
>that doesn't need to run in a full application server, you can 
>reuse this
>code. In this way Entity beans become adapters to plug your business
>logic into the DAO layer.
>One side effect of immutable Value objects I noted recently when
>adding a SOAP interface to one of our components, was that I couldn't
>take advantage of the Apache SOAP support for automated 
>of JavaBeans. Value objects aren't JavaBeans because everything is
>done in the constructor, and there are no set methods.
>No great loss, but it did mitigate one of the possible 
>benefits of using
>the Apache SOAP framework: I still had to write Serializers and
>the same as I would have had to do with a custom XML messaging
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