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RE: Separating content from presentation

Umm, at the risk of appearing antedeluvian, xml is also used for [gasp]
if you are indeed pulling information out of an RDBMS, then you can bury the
dicing and rearrangement in the SQL.

If you are putting online help into a bound users manual, or reprinting
journal articles
in a book, well, you can use XML (sgml), or you can key it again. (Or,
because humans are much
smarter that computers, you can send it out looking like junk.)


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Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 11:14 AM
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Subject: Re: Separating content from presentation

True, but server-side script has had this capability for years. I've seen
case studies on MSDN where a database-driven site was rewritten using SQL
2000 and XSLT, but I haven't seen any compelling reason for scripters to
switch to XSLT.