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RE: building an XML DOM Parser

There are plenty of open-source XML Parsers and DOM Implementations in almost any major language.  Typically, a DOM implementation is layered on top of an event based parser typically supporting SAX,
so you could split the project in two.  2 people build the DOM implementation testing with an available event based parser while the others build an event based parser.

A non-exhaustive list of available parsers are at http://www.xml.com/pub/rg/XML_Parsers  It would probably be best to limit the scope of your project to a fairly simple set of features (non-validating
for example) and so it might be better to look at some of the earlier XML parsers such as Expat, XP (http://www.jclark.com), Aelfred, et al or maybe Crimson (http://xml.apache.org).  For DOM
implementations, you might look at DOM4J http://www.dom4j.org or the implementations in Crimson or Apache.

For testing resources, look at http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net and http://www.w3.org/DOM/Test