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Re: [Sax-devel] SAX namespace handling underspecified?

Aargh ...

>     <!ENTITY base "http://www.example.com/namespaces/">
>     startEntity ("base")
>     endEntity ("base")
>     startEntity ("base")
>     endEntity ("base")

Silly me.  LexicalHandler doesn't report entity expansions within
attribute values, as of the final "extensions 1.0" release (though at
least some of the earlier drafts of LexicalHandler expected that).

> Comments?  That is, "immediately" isn't quite right ... it's more like
> any startPrefixMapping call matches the next startElement, and
> endPrefixMapping matches the previous endElement.

That still seems right, though.  There may be reasons to let other
event callbacks intervene, for when namespace declarations get
processed as they're parsed.

- Dave