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RE: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

OK, I was thinking of data-oriented XML documents, not document-oriented for
which my affirmation is less certain.

However, what about putting a <a href="uri"> in the <head> part of an HTML
document ? Will it be processed ? I don't think so. A browser processes its
data in a context-sensitive way, like many other programs.

I agree with you that context-insensitive processing may not be negligible,
your simple example is a proof. But why make decisions on the interest of
local elements with only this model in mind ?


>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : Kian-Tat Lim [mailto:ktl@ktlim.com]
>Envoye : mardi 28 aout 2001 12:08
>A : 'xml-dev@lists.xml.org'
>Objet : Re: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word
>Nicolas LEHUEN wrote:
>> I think that context-independant processing of structured 
>data is VERY rare.
>	<a href="uri"> </a> can be and is processed 
>every day by millions of users/computers.  (Not just browsers of both
>graphical and text-based types, but also spiders and other crawlers.)
>	Just today I was working on a program that extracts data from
>(non-XML) "tagged" files.  Different records in these files may contain
>different fields.  The program only has to understand the equivalents
>of start and end tags for the "elements" it is interested in, 
>of the other information in the record.
>	One might argue that word processors perform various kinds of
>context-independent processing, though their data is usually 
>very weakly
>	Admittedly, all of these examples are probably much smaller than
>the sum total of all processing being done in EDI systems, SQL 
>etc., but I don't think they're negligible, and, particularly in the
>document world, I think they are representative of future growth paths.
>(In other words, I'd like to see more context-independent processing of
>structured data, as I believe it leads to more openness, reuse, and
>hence efficiency.)
>Kian-Tat Lim, ktl@ktlim.com, UTF-7: +Z5de+pBU-
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