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RE: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

The example below can be handled easily using Atoms and Molecules design
pattern.  Looking at the example from this perspective, I see:


  name, address, mode, price, quantity


  customer, delivery, product

String Molecules:

  lines, line

Super Molecule


What we need is a XML processing framework that supports molecules and atoms
design pattern.  What we don't need is more complications and fancy
if-but-when-must at what I consider to be lexical slum level.  *argh* I am
starting to sound like Len.


Don Park

> <purchase xmlns="http://foobar/purchase">
> 	<customer>
> 		<name>Nicolas</name>
> 		<address>Paris, France</address>
> 	</customer>
> 	<delivery>
> 		<mode>UPS</mode>
> 		<address>Somewhere else</address>
> 	</delivery>
> 	<lines>
> 		<line>
> 			<!-- duh, will this wake up Echelon :) ? -->
> 			<product>
> 				<name>ACME Explosives</name>
> 				<price currency="dollar">2000</price>
> 			</product>
> 			<quantity>200</quantity>
> 		</line>
> 	</lines>
> </purchase>