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Re: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

Nicolas LEHUEN wrote:
> Nope. I can forge any example where a carefully defined global element name
> within a particular namespace would require context inspection to
> disambiguate its semantic.  If I give you a "person-name" element, do you
> know what to do with it immediatly ? No, you'll ask me for the context.
> Okay, the context is a bill. This does not give you any information. Another
> part of the context, is the "buyer". This gives you a lot more information.

I think that "global semantics" might mean something less here than you
imagine. As an example, consider <Price>. What is meant by global
semantics in this context is only what a <Price> element is -- that is,
it is a price in money of an object, and it may always be in a
particular currency or it may have an attribute denoting the currency.
This is very different from what the price applies to, which is
obviously context dependent.

These kinds kinds of semantics are quite wide-spread and allow you to do
basic processing with context-insensitive routines before passing the
result on to a context-sensitive routine.

Ronald Bourret
XML, Databases, and Schemas
Speaker, Geek Cruises' XML Excursion '02