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Using DTDs and Schemas together to define a document structure

Hello All -

I would like to create an XML Schema as follows:


I have DTD called postalAddress.dtd which defines postalAddress, region,
postal and addressLine.  This DTD was developed by an industry consortia, so
I can't modify it directly.
Within our application, I have a schema, person.xsd that defines the
elements account, child1, someElement and anotherElement.  All the other XML
documents that our application generates are defined/constrained by schemas,
so I'd like to continue that.

Is there a way to modify person.xsd to work with postalAddress.dtd so that
the structure of the postalAddress element is governed by the rules in
postalAddress.dtd while the overall structure of the document is governed by
person.xsd?  Is my only choice to redefine a structure similar to
postalAddress.dtd's in XMLSchema? Any advice or guidance would be


Rebekah S. Lepro
Applied Research Lab
Pennsylvania State University
165 Research West
University Park, PA 16802