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Re: build your own transform (RE: infinite depth to namespaces)

Simon St.Laurent wrote:

> On 30 Aug 2001 17:38:30 -0700, Michael Brennan wrote:
> > And none of the protestations on this list (or anywhere else) will ever
> > me from doing whatever transformations or filtering on a document
> > that suit my applications' needs. And if I need to, I'll even write a
> > filter that changes element names! <shudder/>  ;-)
> That's on my to-do list as well, promise! (Same for attributes.)
> It's pretty easy to modify the namespace filter rules to change element
> names in-addition-to/in-place-of modifying the namespace.  It's
> occasionally useful for transforms between similar vocabularies, like a
> single abstract vocabulary expressed in different natural languages.
starting to sound alot like namespace aware architectural forms...