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RE: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

Francis wrote :

>"Fuchs, Matthew" wrote:
>> As I explain above, a "push program" based on valid XSDL 
>with local names is
>> not vulnerable if match statements to match global elements 
>are qualified,
>> and match statements to match local names are not and 
>include the parent in
>> the match path, is not fragile in the way you describe.  
>This is only sweeping the dust under a different corner of the carpet
>unless one can prescribe a reasonably efficient and productive way of
>building the correct match paths to disambiguate unqualified local
>elements, which can after all be nested indefinitely deep.

The correct match path is, to me, the one that goes at least up to the first
global parent element. Matching at least this global parent element is
required in order to have an idea of the semantic of the matched element,
which prevent your program from nonsense.