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Re: Template matching (was RE: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word)

Evan Lenz wrote:
> Nicolas LEHUEN wrote:
> > The correct match path is, to me, the one that goes at least up
> > to the first
> > global parent element.
> When I want to associate different templates with elements that have the
> same name (which Rick, I guess, would never want to do), I use modes rather
> than long match patterns. This is more reliable, as I don't have to worry
> about new intervening structure (assuming I'm using the built-in rule for
> elements).
Modes are a very good fit. You can use them directly in the application
or indirectly - as I'm doing - for providing disambiguation to the
document for simpler application processing.

Nested local types and anonymous complex types make path-based
disambiguation complicated. Matthew Fuch's NUNs are probably the
simplest approach, but they're still not that simple. They require
system thinking, not application thinking.