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Re: Namespaces Best Practice

Evan Lenz wrote:

> Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > 1) and 2) are related. Taken together, a document composed of elements
> > qualified by multiple namespaces should have a single
> > _unprefixed_ namespace
> > and multiple prefixed namespaces.
> Shouldn't this be labeled convention #3? There's nothing in #1 or #2 that
> would forbid me from *always* using prefixes, right?

Sure. Perhaps better "should have at most a single unprefixed namespace ..."

> In any case, I would
> personally be more neutral on whether people should or shouldn't use a
> default namespace. It seems to be neither here nor there

Right, I don't mean to suggest that default namespaces must be used, rather
that each prefix (or lack of prefix) should specify _exactly one_ namespace
in each document. More strongly one should not mix qualified unprefixed
elements (i.e. default namespace) with unqualified elements (no namespace).