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Re: Is "xmlns:xml" legal or not?

> >Recently, I've run into a compatibility problem with some XML tools over
> >whether it is valid to have an "xmlns:xml" declaration in a document.
> This is already on the "potential erratum" list for the Namespaces
> spec, and will be clarified one way or the other.
> I don't know how it will turn out, but I strongly recommmend that you
> avoid declaring the xml prefix, and that tools at least warn about it,
> since not declaring it will certainly continue to be legal!

I guess this has gone beyond the point of no return but I agree with Tony
here. XML Namespaces are very hard too crasp for new (and old) users and it
doesn't help that you can use the xml: prefix without having to use the
standard namespace declaration which is the case for any other prefix you
want to use.