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Re: XML Public Indentifier

Your right, in XML the PI can be a URL or whatever.  PI's historically
had some of the same issues as namespaces.  History always repeats
itself.  There wasn't a formalized way to implement PI's in SGML
and the result was that they were implemented differently in different
software.  It wasn't until OASIS  published Technical Resolution 9401
that moved vendors to support PI's uniformly.

I believe something like TR 9401 is needed for XML.


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On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, David Carlisle wrote:

> > 	The public identifier is an ISO standard and has a sytax all it's
> > own:
> Although that syntax actually only applies to FORMAL public identifiers
> in SGML. Not to XML public identifiers. XML only specifies Public
> identifier syntax by a range of characters, and the (non normative) SGML
> declaration for XML specifies FORMAL NO. In other words XML public
> identifiers don't have to use the
> "-//ECC, Inc//DTD myDTD version //EN" syntax.
> In particular it is quite legal (and even perhaps sensible) in XML to
> use a URI as the public identifier, although this wouldn't be legal in
> most SGML dialects where the PUBLIC identifier is normally specified as
> being an FPI.
> David
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