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RE: About full-text search and XPath



Our Extensible Information Server XML data server product supports word searches within text nodes through our function extensions to our XPath 1.0 support.  We have full support for XML 1.0 with Namespaces, XPath 1.0, and XSLT 1.0 and validation support against both DTDs and XML Schemas.  We support structural, value, and word indexing at the node level with support for single document as well as cross-document XPath queries.  We have tested our server with databases containing over 10 million documents totaling several hundred gigabytes of data with linear scalability and capable of processing over 1200 XPath queries per second.  Our system is a fully ACID-compliant transactional database with support for incremental updates and a patented distributed caching and locking architecture that insures consistently fast access to data as applications scale.


You can download a 30-day evaluation edition our product from our website at www.exceloncorp.com.  The Extensible Information Server (XIS) is part of the eXcelon XML Platform.  The download link is on our front page under “Download”.  If you need an extension to your evaluation, let me know at any time by contacting me directly.


If you have any more questions regarding the eXcelon products or would like more technical information, including benchmarking data, do not hesitate to contact me directly.






Chris Parkerson

Product Manager – XML Platform

eXcelon Corporation

Burlington, MA

(781) 674-5393




-----Original Message-----
From: Gao Jun [mailto:jgao@patternware.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 9:47 PM
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: About full-text search and XPath


Hi, gentlemen,

     I've a question about XPath. I already know XPath doesn't

support full-text search well, but what I need is a simple full-

text search: I've a library of XML documents, each document

is very simple, with only two elements <title> and <excerpt>.

Now I need to do full-text search in this two elements' content.

Could XPath finish this task well? If not, could you recommend

some XML search engine and XML DB software which can do

that to me? Please notice: the software should be able to

work with very large number of XM documents - up to 200,000.



Gao Jun