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First Release of the W3C XML Schema Test Collection

We're please to announce the first public release of the W3C XML
Schema Test Collection, made possible by a substantial contribution of
tests from Microsoft.  Both positive and negative expected outcomes
are tested with respect to a range of core XML Schema features.

You can find the current state of this release at

The home page for the W3C XML Schema Test Collection is at

In keeping with our overall policy, we present the tests in a standard 
form which tabulates, without ratifying, the test materials, a brief
description, and the outcomes for each one expected by the
contributor.  We also include the first of what we hope will be
many outcome tabulations for a publically available XML Schema

The test materials are available for download as a single package, see 
the home page for a pointer.

We already have a further contribution in hand, from NIST, which will
be released shortly, and would _very_ much welcome contributions from
other sources!  We're also working to make it easy to contribute
results from other available processors.

Oriol Carbo
Henry S. Thompson
                    W3C XML Schema Test Collection