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UName Re: I need a name

i've sent objections on this topic to the respective authors/bodies for
the schema and query model specs. as yet without success. the prevalent
naming (QName) makes absolutely no sense for the domain (namespace-name,
local-name) so it is good to hear another voice wondering why the
misnomer is so popular.

i'm at a complete loss why one does not simply use the terminology which
appeared in the original recommendation "universal name", or UName for short.


Richard Tobin wrote:
> Does any spec give a name to the (namespace name, local name) pair that
> identifies an element or attribute?  It's not a qualified name - that's
> the string that appears in a document which is expanded into such a
> pair by looking up the prefix or using the default namespace.
> The Schema Datatypes spec views these pairs as the value space of
> QNames (and the lexical space is QNames in the sense of the Namespaces
> spec).  But that's hardly a handy name.
> -- Richard