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RE: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

>If a website has a policy that its documents must be
>then the fact that IE only supports text/xsl effectively prevents that 
>website from using client-side XML.  That seems pretty serious to me.

Well, that's a tautology.  If I say, "lack of application/xml+xslt
doesn't seem to be hurting anyone", and you reply "but it hurts the
people who need to use application/xml+xslt", then you have me beat.
How could I argue with that?

But let's not make it just an IE issue.  It would be more accurate to
say that if a website had a policy that said they cannot use "text/xsl",
they would not be able to use client-side XSLT in *any* web browser.
This would be a fairly counter-productive policy, I think, if
client-side XSLT was a goal.  And this especially when we are talking
about a "should" and in the case of application/xml+xslt, a "may".
Again, I agree that the goal should be for browser vendors to support
the mime type that eventually gets finalized.  Please don't take what I
am saying as negating the importance of sticking to published

>While we're on the subject of the xml-stylesheet PI, I'm still hoping
>someday IE will support multiple stylesheets and provide the user with
>menu to select between them.

You have probably seen the Chris Bayes tool that does this, right?  I'll
forward on the suggestion...