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Re: Never-converge-itis (was Re: XML matters for the Web - and thebrowser)

At 11:58 AM 9/8/2001 -0700, Dave Winer wrote:
>Instead of telling them about our failures, why not tell them about how XML
>can help build flow for their sites and make them more efficient as web

That was the remember of the presentation - I don't find 90-minute 
apologies entertaining either.

>You missed RSS, it's a great flow-builder, and defines whole communities.

RSS is wonderful stuff, and I'm happy to talk about it.  However, RSS 
solves about 1.5% of what people were asking for at WEB2001.

>PS: For people who are waiting for content-separated-from-form at the
>browser level, you might try doing it in a CMS and depend on the browser
>only for the most rudimentary formatting. It works. You'll wait forever for
>the browser guys to do it in a reasonable way. This was just as true in 1996
>as it is today. Time's a wastin!!

Spoken like a CMS vendor...

Simon St.Laurent
Associate Editor
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.