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RE: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

Hi XML everywhere,

Client-side XSL?

What are you smoking?

didier replies:
Why not? have you heard of process partitioning?

Here is what a modern server can do:

a) recognize the user agent.

b) For most of the browsers, the server performs XSLT transformations on the
server side. In the case of IE 6 or Mozilla (still work in progress) it
performs the transformation on the client side.

The bottom line is: the server can determine is the user agent support XSLT
or not. If yes, the process can occur at the edge or at the client site.
Otherwise at the server side. As more client support XSLT transformation,
less server load you'll have. Is using a 1 ghz client to perform dummy
rendering a best way to use resources? What about distributed computing 101?


Didier PH Martin