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Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

* Didier PH Martin wrote:
>Here is what a modern server can do:
>a) recognize the user agent.
>b) For most of the browsers, the server performs XSLT transformations on the
>server side. In the case of IE 6 or Mozilla (still work in progress) it
>performs the transformation on the client side.

And this is better because...?

>The bottom line is: the server can determine is the user agent support XSLT
>or not.

Yes? Sounds cool. How is this supposed to work? Is there some new web
service XSLT transfer protocol that provides this information? I thought
all information the server has are those in the HTTP request and they
certainly don't carry these information.

>If yes, the process can occur at the edge or at the client site.
>Otherwise at the server side. As more client support XSLT transformation,
>less server load you'll have. Is using a 1 ghz client to perform dummy
>rendering a best way to use resources?

Maybe, maybe not. Why does this matter?
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