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Re: XML matters for the Web - and the browser

* Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>On the client side, it's not very difficult to present XML documents in a 
>Web browser.  Really!  Cascading Style Sheets, an existing technology 
>well-known by a substantial number of professional Web developers (and 
>substantial numbers of amateurs), is perfectly capable of describing 
>complex browser-based presentation of XML documents.  There are some gaps - 
>CSS doesn't yet allow developers to specify 'element X is an image', 
>linking is in its infancy, and forms remain a problem - but there are 
>workarounds for all of these.

I wish you've said so long time before. Now we've wasted so much time on
working on XLinks, XForms, etc. but they are obviously superfluous, all
the web needs is more CSS features.
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