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Re: XML matters for the Web - and the browser

At 02:18 AM 9/9/2001 +0200, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>I wish you've said so long time before. Now we've wasted so much time on
>working on XLinks, XForms, etc. but they are obviously superfluous, all
>the web needs is more CSS features.

Superfluous?  Definitely not.  XLink and XForms define functionality that's 
very hard to describe as presentation.

Does that mean CSS is done with these issues?  Does CSS understand enough 
about XLink to let us control how our links (extended links in particular, 
as well as embed links) are presented?

No.  I'd like to see CSS deal with presentation in a context where HTML's 
functionality isn't assumed.

I'd be delighted if IE supported the CSS2 display property, and I'd be 
thrilled if the CSS WG would take a close look at XLink and integrating 
that with CSS.  This isn't exactly wacky frills.

I have to give the XSLT folks credit for some hard thought:

Sadly, there isn't very much CSS in there.

Simon St.Laurent
Associate Editor
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.