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Re: Never-converge-itis (was Re: XML matters for the Web - and thebrowser)

On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 19:58, Dave Winer wrote:
> Edd did the same thing last month with XML-based protocols, declaring the
> industry moribund because he only goes to conferences and doesn't pay any
> attention to the accomplishments of independent developers working over the
> Internet itself.

If for no other reason than the sake of the archives, I think I ought to
refute this.  I never declared the web services circus moribund, and to
suggest I'm unaware of independent developers is absurd.  I regularly
give a disproportionate amount of coverage to individuals in the field 
precisely because I understand their importance [1].

-- Edd

[1] "The State of XML: Why Individuals Matter", XML.com, May 30 2001.