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Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

* Christopher R. Maden wrote:
>At 22:51 7-09-2001, XML Everywhere wrote:
>>Client-side XSL?
>>What are you smoking?
>>XSLT is great.  Just don't do it on the client.
>>Transform your XML on the server.
>So XML Everywhere Except The Browser, then?

No, XML inside the browser will be cool, I'll happily use XHTML 2.0 with
support for XForms, XML Base, XIncludes, XML Schema, XLink, SVG Images,
DOM Level 3 Scripting, and whatever cool new bleeding edge technologies
will be available in some years, but how fits XSLT into this picture?
Web browsers are meant to present my documents to the user, this only
works with some lingua franca as host language for all my data. This
lingua franca is XHTML, why should anyone want to deliver anything else
to the browser and why should the browser additionally transform it to
something else before presenting it?
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