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RE: XML+SVG, XML+CSS, XML+XSL (was Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support)

Hello Winchel

Winchel said:
Assuming that (1) "*still* separat[ing] content from presentation" and (2)
"edit once, present everywhere" are the goals, and assuming further that
what you mean above is that "content" = "(perhaps any) XML" and
"presentation" = "SVG", then what is the difference between:

XML (content) + SVG (presentation)


XML (content) + CSS (presentation)

and while we're at it . . .

XML (content) + XSL (presentation)


I would be interested in your opinions on this.

Didier replies:
SVG is a rendering language. CSS helps you to change the default SVG visual
objects' properties. So, we have thus here: SVG + CSS at run time.  The SVG
visual objects' properties can be set with CSS rules or CSS properties (*as
an attribute in the SVG elements or as rules defined in a separate document
or embedded in the <style> element). If, for instance, you got data from an
Oracle 9i, SQL server 2001, etc. or so to speak: any XML SQL server. Then,
this same data encoded as an XML document can be transformed into SVG+CSS
with an XSLT stylesheet. Because of the current limitations of most XSLT
engines, you'll probably have to include the CSS properties as SVG objects'
attribute (i.e. the style attribute).

Didier PH Martin