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XML+SVG, XML+CSS, XML+XSL (was Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support)

Chuck and Simon:

This has been a very interesting thread, thanks.

Chuck White wrote:
> In a perfect world, the killer SVG tool will *still* separate content from
> presentation. The possibility of edit once, present everywhere is very
> appealing to those of us who do a lot of editorial and artistic

Assuming that (1) "*still* separat[ing] content from presentation" and (2)
"edit once, present everywhere" are the goals, and assuming further that
what you mean above is that "content" = "(perhaps any) XML" and
"presentation" = "SVG", then what is the difference between:

XML (content) + SVG (presentation)


XML (content) + CSS (presentation)

and while we're at it . . .

XML (content) + XSL (presentation)


I would be interested in your opinions on this.



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