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Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

On Saturday 08 September 2001 19:03, Chuck White wrote:
> I'm a graphic artist/writer who learned programming and I can tell you that
> I would never ask my designers to design for client-side XML. XML is meant
> for the server until support for it on the browser becomes ubiquitous, and
> it's nowhere near that now. Nobody should be encouragng designers or HTML
> jockeys to write client-side XML period, for any reason, unless it's for a
> closed system or they just want to learn it. Sorry, but this holds true for
> XHTML as well.

Well as someone who's been pushing SVG -- which to me seems to be a 
client-side XML technology -- to everyone in my company and outside for quite 
some time, I can only disagree with you. It would seem that SVG is taking the 
world by storm and my present incoming log of SVG related contracts seems to 
confirm that. I'm pretty certain that I'm not in the only company to be 
seeing this.

As for XHTML, when Netscape 4 finally dies the terrible death that it 
deserves then it'll be possible (that is, it's possible now but not with the 
kind of precise rendering that people want). In fact, N4 is now low enough 
that people that still use it will probably understand why they're seeing a 
page that does display, but in a degraded way (XHTML does degrade ok there, 
elsewhere it works). I just scheduled a complete technical makeover of our 
own site, and it'll be 100% XHTML/CSS/SVG. Judging from all the experiments 
we conducted there, I'm confident that it's the way to go, now.

Robin Berjon <robin@knowscape.com> -- CTO
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