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Re: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> > 'Client-Side XSLT' ??? What are we talking about? 
> > There are millions, who *use* JavaScript. And see how 
> > fast JavaScript was adopted. Compare it to the growth of 
> > this 'client-side XSLT' stuff  ( which *was* availiable in the 
> > browser for *years*, even in the crazy MSIE form of it ).
> There I completely disagree.  The "crazy MSIE form" was *not* XSLT.
> That never should have been released as anything other than a technology
> preview, and should absolutely not be cited as some sort of evidence
> that XSLT has been around for years.

So could *you* please tell me when I we can start counting?
I mean is *current* client-XSLT mature enough to be called a 
'technology' ?

If your answer is 'yes, it is a technology', then we should 
soon see millions of  client-side XSLT pages appear 
( like it was with JavaScript )

If your answer is 'no' - that meas you *agree* that building 
on client-side XSLT is not an option now. Right?

If your answer is 'no' ...  Well ... let us wait when you'l say 
'it is mature enought'  to start comparing the growth of 
client-side XSLT with the growth of  JavaScript.

Either  it is a production technology adopted by 
thousands of developers ( like JavaScript was and is ), 
or it is a 'technology preview'.

You can not say : "it is a technology" and in the next 
sentence say  : "well, it is a preview , so don't compare it
to the other technologies". 

What I don't understand here?