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RE: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> So could *you* please tell me when I we can start 
> counting? I mean is *current* client-XSLT mature 
> enough to be called a 'technology' ?

Start counting with the release of IE 6.  Two components: specification
(there for some time), widely available, relatively spec-conformant
implementation (available with IE 6).

> You can not say : "it is a technology" and in the 
> next sentence say  : "well, it is a preview , so 
> don't compare it to the other technologies". 

I was simply saying that the default "XSLT" with IE 5 was not XSLT.

It is confusing because there is implementation in the sense of
something that *can* work (MSXML 3) and there is implementation in terms
of what Microsoft is spewing out on a massive scale at a given time.
XSLT as a specification has been available for some time.  A client-side
implementation has been available for some time to programmers.  But an
average person downloading IE 5 or 5.5 would know nothing about it.

Finally, with IE 6, there is a *relatively* usable implementation (sadly
worse than what was available to programmers with IE 5/MSXML 3) being
distributed on a wide scale to everybody.