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Re: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> > So could *you* please tell me when I we can start 
> > counting? I mean is *current* client-XSLT mature 
> > enough to be called a 'technology' ?
> Start counting with the release of IE 6.  Two components: specification
> (there for some time), widely available, relatively spec-conformant
> implementation (available with IE 6).

OK, I agree. Now let us see in one year from now how many pages 
on the web will provide client-side XSLT ? ( By the way, even 
people do *talk* about 'selectiors' on the servers, that are 
redirecting XSLT-not-aware client to the 'another branch', 
neither Chris, nor Jeni have it *implemented*. Their sites 
support MSIE with XSLT *only*. I mean you can not acccess the 
*same* URL with diffrent browsers and get something in *any* 

I should point out that it was *not*  so with JavaScript 
and frames.
> > You can not say : "it is a technology" and in the 
> > next sentence say  : "well, it is a preview , so 
> > don't compare it to the other technologies". 
> I was simply saying that the default "XSLT" with IE 5 was not XSLT.

I agree. *However*, those, who were using it was claiming that 
"XSLT on client side it already here!!! Look at that!!!"
This client-side XSLT is such a fuzzy thing, actually.