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RE: XML+SVG, XML+CSS, XML+XSL (was Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support)

>I just can't bring myself to believe that using XSLT to generate
>from XML is necessary or useful in cases where mere decoration is all 

Yeah, I personally think that this makes a lot of sense.  XSLT should be
used for the structural content transformation (from XML to XML) and CSS
for the presentation.  There are fuzzy areas where CSS and XSLT overlap,
however: for example, tables can be considered structural (that's my
opinion), and so can things that insert content.  And of course everyone
uses XSLT to produce HTML, which is really mostly presentation.  Things
could be much cleaner than this.

And BTW, the identity transform thing I described is just a hack that
lets you pretend that there is widespread support for XML->XSLT->CSS in
the browsers.  I agree wholeheartedly it will be much better when we get
the real deal, but I'm also not counting on that happening too quickly.