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RE: My last on IE6 and XML


I have been following this and other related threads and have following

1. Microsoft and the XML community do not see eye-to-eye.
2. If your comments (and your attitude apparent between the lines of your
comments) represents that of Microsoft IE teams' as a whole, the difference
between the two groups will persist.

I have noted that many Microsoft engineers, with some notable exceptions
like those who have participated in the XML community from early stages,
seems to be surrounded in a thick fume of arrogance.  Arrogance, a
side-effect of confidence which is an important ingrediant of productivity
for any sized group, coats every words uttered and betrays every jesture of
humility and honesty offered.  Behind every argument against IE, you will
see contempt, a shielded reflection of that arrogance.  Looking at the
exploding exchange of messages your attempt to 'defend' IE's XML support,
you must agree at this point that best course of action should have been

My suggest to Microsoft is to form a shield of outside XML experts and ask
them to guide Microsoft during formulation of XML-related requirements and
priorities; instead of guessing what people need, just ask them.  If IE6 was
designed this way, a) IE 6 would have been a better product, b) Microsoft
would have had a ready ring of respectable outside defenders to deflect

But then my forementioned arrogance tends to blind those encased in the
fume, so I doubt Microsoft will heed my advice.


Don Park