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Status on IE6 and XML Conformance

OK, here is the current plan of record for us to address the two
important conformance issues that have been raised:

Q) IE rejects characters above 0x10000.
A) This is just plain bug, and we are going to fix this.

Q) IE doesn't crash on control characters.
A) We are planning to still allow these to be displayed, but flag them
   "not well-formed" using Julian's or a similar style sheet, so that
   user knows there is a problem.

The soonest we could have this fix available would be the MSXML SP3
release (SP2 already shipped with IE6 and Windows XP).  So SP3 is the SP
currently in development.  I can't give a definite date for SP3, and
there is always the possibility that natural disaster or something else
could change plans.  These are the standard "God-willing" disclaimers,
though; we are committed to doing both of these things.