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Re: Status on IE6 and XML Conformance

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Joshua Allen wrote:

> OK, here is the current plan of record for us to address the two
> important conformance issues that have been raised:
> Q) IE rejects characters above 0x10000.
> A) This is just plain bug, and we are going to fix this.
> Q) IE doesn't crash on control characters.
> A) We are planning to still allow these to be displayed, but flag them
> as"not well-formed" using Julian's or a similar style sheet, so that
> the user knows there is a problem.
> The soonest we could have this fix available would be the MSXML SP3
> release (SP2 already shipped with IE6 and Windows XP).  So SP3 is the SP
> currently in development.  I can't give a definite date for SP3, and
> there is always the possibility that natural disaster or something else
> could change plans.  These are the standard "God-willing" disclaimers,
> though; we are committed to doing both of these things.

That seems like a feasible solution since it at least lets end users know
that there _is_ a problem with the underlaying XML and MS recognizes that
there is a problem.

Thank you.

Benjamin Franz

  Programs must be written for people to read, and only
  incidentally for machines to execute.
                             ---Abelson and Sussman